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Roperoller® is a continuous belay system for adventure parks, high ropes courses, canopy-tours and installations on buildings. The system meets standards of EN 15567-1 (Sports and recreational facilities - Ropes courses) and EN 795 class C (Protection against falls from a height - Anchor devices.) DEKRA certified the roperoller® system including bolt attachments, tension belts and clamp-connections, it passed all EN 795 tests without any consistant deformation. The DEKRA is a German inspection institute (CE 0158) which tests and certifies the safety and quality of manufactured goods. The roperoller® mounting parts allow the cable to move up and down freely to avoid wire breakage caused by material fatigue. The profiles attach to different structures: bolts for poles and concrete structures, clamp-connections for steel beams, steel or synthetic tension belts for attaching to trees.

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